Mobiles Phones in Tenerife

Why have Premier Communications decided to offer you MÁSmovil, the low cost operator of mobile telephone and internet instead of one of the major mobile operators?

The answer is simple, with MÁSmovil the client is always in charge, always has a choice in a word the client is the BOSS.

Everyone wants to make savings and MÁSmovil is the most cost effective mobile operator in Spain, their customers save up to 50% on their bills. No matter who or where you are calling, you will enjoy low rates and some tariffs have no connection fee.

Because MÁSmovil use the Orange Network, you will continue to enjoy the same excellent coverage you have always had.

MÁSmovil are proud of the quality of care they offer to their customers. To speak to a member of the customer service team by phone whatever your nationality you only speak to one person as they speak six languages (English, German, Russian, Scandinavian Finnish and of course Spanish). You won´t be passed around wondering if your problem will ever be solved, a single person will be able to help you immediately. No other company offers this!

You have a personal account that you can access online and this contains everything you need to managing your account and in your preferred language.

You can choose to keep your existing number or a new number will be provided – the choice is yours.

If you live in Spain only parts of the year and don’t want to tie yourself to contracts you can put your line on hold, for free. A perfect solution if you don’t want to be paying for your Spanish phone while away, but still want to keep the number for when you return.

MÁSmovil want you to enjoy using their services, therefore none of their facilities or products have a ‘permanence clause’.

You can register as a client for free but more importantly if you do not like MÁSmovil you can stop being a client WITHOUT paying any fee. You have no obligation to stay however we know that once you try them you will want to stay.

Apart from being the cheapest on the market MÁSMÓVIL is the perfect option for today however you use your mobile phone.

For further information or to receive a competitive quote speak with a member of our team on +34 922 793 172, +34 637 05 05 05 or Contact us